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Meet your SYM COACH

Joe Koener SYM Founder & Coach

The Ocean is my ultimate escape & proving ground, far away from any pressure, it is here where I truly find myself, by surrendering to mother nature.

In 2016, at almost 30 years of age, Joe discovered surfing.

Despite the busy schedules of the modern world and being “Landlocked" he has  decided to dedicate his life as much as possible to his passion of surfing.


As a landlocked Surfer, he understands the desire to want to stay connected to surfing but feeling this is only possible through waves.
However he has a strong belief in laying down a clear path, setting the right goals for your level and keeping the bigger surfing goals in mind.

Through putting this into practice Joe has been able to stay connected to his passion & build confidence in his surfing despite only having a few 'wave filled' weeks per year. 


Coaching and practising Brazilian Jiu jitsu since 2012 and as one of the owners & lead trainers of Delta Jiu Jitsu, he has been teaching this complex martial art to students from all walks of life and levels of experience.

With a passion for breaking down complex techniques into simple steps or warm-ups to adapt to the different physical attributes of each individual. It is this ability which has been the key to his success as a trainer in both BJJ & now surfing through SYM.



Sym is more than surf-related training.

Comparing Sym to other systems or sports, it can be your stoke companion through your day to day life.

Despite all the great physical health attributes SYM brings to your life. SYM has the potential to improve not only your surfing but trough integrating SYM with all it's diverstiy, it will bring you back to the roots and show you how much real stoke is around us and inside you.



Analysing storm patterns for surf forecasting will give you great insides on your local weather and a rainy day at home might be a pumping day on your nearest coastline.

If you trained for it you be able to go for it



How you have ended up on this path

I have always been a 100% person, Form an early age on friends used to always crack jokes!

With you, it’s always all in.


And until this day this has never left me.

When started surfing in 2015, I had to overcome lots of mental blocks from the tragic loss of my Stepfather trough a windsurfing accident in the north sea to the general persuasion of people and that when you are past 25 learning new skills is over. Sarcastic and condemning  comments from people & friends like:

“So Joe  you are going to be a surfer now at almost 30”  


(And no I had never windsurfed before)


But these things just need to be shaken off! Trust your inner calling if you want to start surfing at 50 I'm a hundred per cent convinced it is no problem and that we can teach you how to take off on waves you never thought you would and perform first manoeuvres on them.


The only thing that is holding you back is fear and doubt, no matter how cliché this sound but if you believe you will achieve your goals!

Being Landlocked myself & working with Garrett on this Project has shown me how much our system works. Tweaking around different exercises and methods until we figured out which ones make the best bridge to your surfing. The progress I have made in two years fully committing to Sym has blown my mind.

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