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Making surf coaching and progression accesible for anyone from anywhere!

Your coach is with you!


Consistency is Key in connecting the dots.

Having a regular surf training practice will help you reach you surfing goals nomatter how much you surf.

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Learn how to forecast your favourite spots and be able to find new uncharted territory



Is This really for me as I only get to surf every 3-4months

Yes, this is exactly one of the main reasons we have created this program,

Even if you would surf twice a week you would on average catch 10 waves each session giving you a total of 2min standing on a surfboard.

 Believe it or not but most surfers on SA programs do not thrive for a professional career in surfing!  A Huge part of our community is Landlocked and in a similar situation to you.


As Costal Surfer do I really need conceptual training with Biomechanics?

Isn't more capacity what I need?

No Matter how much you get into the water training the right cues for you is like learning vocabulary in a language. To be able to get into a fully flowing dialogue with mother nature you need to practice outside the moments you do actually stand on a surfboard riding a wave!


Do I need to use all these presented training tools to get the most out of my surfing Anatomy Program?

The training Tools at your disposal are just a variety of choices that allow you to get the most progression depending on your needs and goals.

Similar to a GYM you are using the Barbell or the stationary bike depending on what aspect of your fitness you'd like to improve.

The same counts for our Surf skills and capacity tools, together we establish what is the best and most fun for you.